> How can i understand the quality of a pure pashmina without touching it ?


The purchase of a Pashmina resides on falling in love with its unique composition... So how do you do so without touching it? It’s not easy to buy online, if only purchasing based on mere pictures...
Princesse Moghole is proud of the quality of its pashminas and does not hesitate to have them tested. It therefore gives you the opportunity to receive free home samples of products that will allow you to enjoy their quality and make your choice 
consciously and confidently!

> Wich samples can i get ?


Princesse Moghole gives you the opportunity to receive samples of its finest products:

- the authentic Pashmina 100% handwoven Himalayan cashmere handmade in India. 
Please note that the sample concerns the quality of the pashmina and not the color. We do not send color samples.

> How can i get my free sample ?

Just go to the CONTACT FORM and send us a message with your full name and postal address. In a few day, you will receive an envelope of your sample. This service is completely free of charge and no purchase is necessary. You can then see for yourself the quality of our product and buy your pashmina with confidence.

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