Pashmina, a well-kept secret...

Princesse Moghole is above all a story of passion: a passion for travel, and a passion for fine craftsmanship. Where these two passions meet, an exceptional fiber - soft, warm, light - rich in centuries of history: Pashmina.

Claire Denouel, founder of Princesse Moghole


Trained as a pharmacist, Claire Denouel put her Parisian life on hold to travel the world for a year, camera slung over her shoulder. In India, she discovered the uniqueness of a culture rich in age-old traditions and exceptional craftsmanship. She fell in love with pashmina, an impalpable fabric of unequalled warmth and softness. She never stopped learning about this exceptional fiber, and patiently traced its origins to the nomadic shepherds of Ladakh, at an altitude of over 4,000m on the borders of India and China.

Pashmina - the real thing - has always been a well-kept secret. Even today, this rare, handcrafted, eco-responsible cashmere remains very elitist, known only to the initiated.

The rest of us have to make do with the counterfeits flooding the market, or the industrial cashmere from China and Mongolia that is currently responsible for an unprecedented environmental disaster.


This fascination for Pashmina, followed by a series of wonderful encounters, led her to make this prestigious product, currently reserved for a privileged few as it is still virtually unobtainable in Europe, accessible to all.

With quality and ethics in mind, she travels to Kashmir, India, to select small, family-run workshops that demand the highest standards of quality, and that still work by hand in the ancestral tradition. She then commissions them to produce her collections. And to keep her prices as low as pashmina, she decided to cut out the middleman as much as possible, selling exclusively over the internet.

Princesse Moghole is born.

Our embroidery craftsmen in Srinagar
Kashmiri master craftsmen embroidering a masterpiece


At a time when factories and industrial production have become the norm, pashmina draws its soul from the hands of the craftsmen who make it, and stands out as an ethically responsible cashmere.

Produced in small quantities, respecting age-old traditions and a wild environment, pashmina helps to perpetuate a traditional way of life, ensuring an income for all the families involved in each stage of production.

Choosing authentic Pashmina is a truly eco-responsible choice for more sustainable and ethical fashion! But above all, it's an encounter with a fabric of exceptional finesse, softness and warmth, whose prestige has never wavered over the centuries.

You'll form a unique bond with your Pashmina, and that's why we're proud to be able to offer you Europe's most complete collection of this extremely rare cashmere!


We are located in Paris, from where all your orders are shipped. As we're committed to offering you the best quality at the right price, we've decided to cut out the costly middlemen: we prefer to sell online and don't sell in boutiques.

You don't like buying on the internet and prefer to see and touch before you buy? No problem!

Our exclusive collections can be viewed by appointment in our Paris showroom in the 15th arrondissement, where we'll be delighted to welcome you for a personalized shopping session.

Pashmina in Paris