"Claire, I finally got the package and the pashmina is goooooorgeous! Truly it is a work of art. Just wanted to let you know i love them! Thank you, merci!"
Karen L, South Korea
"Hi Claire, I really appreciate the care you've taken with the package you've made. The workmanship on this shawl is exceptional, I am amazed at its quality! I am very satisfied with this purchase! Thank you for your kindness!"
Fabienne V.
"Good evening dear Claire, I was delighted to discover my gift, so beautifully wrapped by you. With its mauve color, golden ribbons and cards, this stripping was the first step in discovering this wonderful pashmina. Even more beautiful: shimmering, vivid color of luminous purple, incomparable lightness and softness of this extraordinary weave, a pure marvel of beauty and softness!" Thank you for passing on to us, through your tasteful care, your sensitivity to handmade creations, a manifestation of a love of Beauty perpetuated by tradition. Please continue to support this aesthetic medium, which keeps wonderful people alive in a world of work and Beauty!"
Martine B.
"Hello Claire, Your parcel arrived yesterday evening in perfect condition. Thank you for your very careful packaging, which is a pleasant preparation for the discovery of pashmina. As my wife's birthday is on December 9th, I was the one who delicately took a peek inside. What a pleasant surprise! The color is magnificent and the touch is sublime! How soft ... how light ... how finely woven! A thought came to me: "Pashmina is worn with delight like a flower wears its corolla of petals". Thank you for bringing us this marvel from the farthest reaches of Ladakh, thanks to your personal commitment. Beauty and tradition are precious values that we absolutely must safeguard!"
Edmond B.
"Hi Claire, It's incredible! I always expect something exceptional and always fall short... RUPSHU is beyond what I imagined. It's crazy :) I'm almost invoking the arrival of cold weather to try it! Thanks again. For all that you already know and that I can't help admiring. Have a nice day. All the best,"
Jacqueline C.
"2 Kimonos in recycled silk: they arrived on time, packed with great care, they are beautiful, elegant, true to the promise of the site, I am delighted, thank you very much and bravo."
Marie-Sophie D.
"Good evening, I have received the parcel, I am very happy... Super beautiful and so well packaged! Thank you very much."
Agnes S, Belgium
"Hey Claire, I received my shawl. Love it! Thank you so much! Also I wanted to know about some of your sold out styles if you are going to repeat them ? Warm regards"
Afshan S, USA
"Thank you so much! The pashmina has arrived and is beautiful. I am very pleased. Best regards"
Roswitha S, Germany
"Hello Madam, I bought a pashmina from you last month. How is it possible that such a thin and light object is so warm and soft to wear and that it becomes so addictive? To try it is to adopt it! It's grafted itself onto my neck and I'm having a hard time getting it off. I think that to give it a rest, I'll treat myself to a second one. My biggest problem will be the choice of colour...... Thank you for this discovery. I wish you a happy New Year 2023."
Marie-Anne MT, Belgium
"Hello Claire, I wish you all the best for this new year! My son loved his HANLE scarf and I am loving my RUPSHU. I've been getting quite a few of your beautiful pieces for a few years now. Thank you for your wonderful work and for your support of local people and the preservation of knowledge. I look forward to meeting you one day!"
Nathalie S.
"Dear Claire, I have just received the shawl which is a pure wonder! I am completely enchanted by the softness, the suppleness, the sensuality of this weave. I don't know how I'm going to find the strength not to open the box again before Christmas... Thank you so much for sending it so quickly, for the beautiful packaging, for the deliciously scented little sachet and for your lovely anecdote about the shawl... thanks to you I'm going to receive a magnificent gift with a story. I wish you again a very nice holiday season and see you soon! I hope to see you soon!,"
Clémence B.
"Dear Claire, Your package with the new pashmina arrived today. It is perfect! Thank you so much! Once again the packaging is lovely, but I have to tell you that I really appreciated the little handwritten note, the gift box, the protective bag and the scented potpourri bag (in which I can smell cinnamon if I'm not mistaken) that you kindly gave me. Thank you very much, for the attention, availability and professionalism you have shown to me. I will be happy to sponsor you and your company (especially my friend who works in fashion), as I am happy that my niece will soon be able to wear such a special accessory. Although I didn't know about your product, I was right to choose you (online is never easy) and I hope to make another purchase soon. In the meantime, I wish you a good evening, as happy and serene as the coming festive days"
Marianna G, Italy
"Dear Claire, thank you so much for this beautiful reversible poncho, it is absolutely gorgeous and even better than I imagined, very soft, light and warm and versatile! Thank you also for the very fast delivery and the luxurious and fragrant packaging... I can't count the number of times I've bought from Princesse Moghole since 2013.... and it's always a great pleasure, and a sweet addiction! Thank you again, I wish you a very nice year 2022!"
Clémence B.
I received my order today and I congratulate you for the speed of sending and then, of course, for the quality of the product of exceptional finesse as well as for its presentation in a very refined case with its accompanying sheets; the whole is therefore for me a wonderful gift to offer ..
Claude C
"Good evening,
today i received the pashmina and it was very nice to open the fine packaging. It had been years that in a shop near the Rialto bridge in Venice I was enchanted by seeing the masterpieces of these artisans and finally I decided to make myself a great gift for my retirement.
Thanks, the pashmina is truly wonderful.
A cordial greeting from Venice"
Alessandro Z, Venezia
"Hello, I'm Mariangela L from Casciago (Varese) I received the reversible black pashmina, I imagined a black side a gray side ... in the description and photos you have it doesn't make it as good as it is beautiful !! Magnificaaaa !! Happy with the purchase is the second I make from you .... who knows maybe there will also be a third !! You are right ..... it is addicting !!! Thanks for your concern a truly excellent service !!
Good job!!"
Mariangela L, Italie
"Hello Claire, I didn't take the time to thank you for sending the pashmina.
Upon receipt, I was puzzled as to which color I found too dark (I expected the color of your business card).
I left it, folded, on a table, wondering what I was going to do - turn it over or keep it.
Then the day before yesterday, when I was dressed in navy blue - I was a little cold, and I unfolded it to put it on my shoulders:
It lit up, very beautiful rendering, and very beautiful material.
Thank you again for your follow-up and looking forward to recommending another stole on your site.
Hélène F,
"Hello Claire. How would you describe my joy when I opened the magnificent "Princesse Moghole" box and saw this wonder of orange shawl! A beauty ... thank you very much for your delicate attention. It is the 13th shawl that I buy from you but my admiration is still as strong. Thank you for the quality of your pashminas and for all the attention you pay to their packaging, which in itself is a real gift. How good it feels in these dark times. This shading lit up my evening. I wish you all the courage in the world to cross this difficult period before resuming the road to India with our artisan friends so that they can continue to enchant us and have a better life. Yours"
Souad B. 
"Hello Claire, Today I received my scarf, shawl ??. He is magnificent! I really like the color (blond hair). As a Dutchman, I have lived in Germany for many years and I have to say that each country has its strengths and weaknesses. I wish you good health and good luck in these special times."
Angélique V. 
"Hello Claire, I just received my XXL pashmina in carmin red. He had remained in the post since March 16 (confinement). The color is perfect, It is superb and I am delighted. Thank you again I hope everything is going well for you."
Colette C. 
"Hello Claire, To tell you how much I savored the moment when, the next morning in the light of day, I unpacked the two Wonders protected with exquisite care! It must be said that you know how to push refinement to the extreme and that the moment necessary for the Revelation of "The Room" is perhaps comparable to that of newlyweds during their wedding night, so often dressed is the Lady ;-)))) The new Ecrin box is simply magnificent, a beautiful powdery color and superb quality worthy of the hat boxes of yesteryear! Or perfume boxes because let's not forget The Inimitable Princesse Moghole Perfume ;-) And when our eyes finally land on the Pashmina we can only be dazzled by so much delicacy, beauty, finesse, know-how ..... and the one I chose is particularly successful and bright !!! I am delighted ;-) When my husband when he finds his own he will realize one of his dreams ;-) Now we have 6 at Home, with your Sublime Pashminas I don't know where to turn and I I can tell me that it will be the last time each time I come back .... Long live the Kashmiri Handicrafts, his little hands and Princesse Moghole ! ..... And here I am already left for hours of wakefulness on the site while waiting for the appearance of new temptations ;-)))) Have a great day and a thousand thanks again! Take care of yourself, I wish you all the best ...."
Armelle G. 
"I just received my XXL Pashmina in forest green color and it is MA-GNI-FICENT !!! The packaging is superb and the scent emanating from the box is very pleasant. In short the whole is perfect! Again a thousand thanks for your patience, your help, your advice and your speed. I would like to be rich and buy you a lot but I think I have to wait a little longer ^^. In the meantime I wish you many beautiful things in your cashmere adventure! Beautiful evening!"
Eliott B. 
"Hello, I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism. Ordered Sunday night and received on Tuesday. A gift before Christmas, always so carefully wrapped, accompanied by this subtle perfume ... (when will you sell this perfume ???). 7th purchase and never disappointed. A big thank you for this pleasure in this context so gloomy. A faithful customer,
Patricia L. 
"I received the pashmina ordered in 24 hours. Thank you !!! Really beautiful. 100% authentic, very good quality, only found in Indian Kashmir. So incredibly sweet, light and hot .. I live in Pakistan, there are also beautiful pashminas Kashmir Pakistani side but they are not made with the same technique, and much less delicate."
Catherine W.
"Good morning I received the pashmina and I can only congratulate you for the quality of the material and the speed of delivery. I discovered your site by chance and I am very happy to have met you, the authenticity of your products has allowed me to make an extraordinary experience for me working in a prestigious textile company Rubelli, also present in Paris. I will soon return to visit you. Thanks and congratulations!"
Elisabetta G., Italie
"Hello, I just received my organic pashmina shawl, which is superb! It is true that it is thicker than the others, it is because there are more son? It will be a perfect blanket ... pity that the line does not work too much because they are beautiful pieces! Next time, I think I'm going crazy for an embroidered pashmina ..."
Caroline C.
"I just received the carmine red cashmere scarf I ordered from you. I would have liked to see it because I intend to order the same for me but the gift package is so beautiful and made with such attention that I can not bring myself to undo it. I will wait and discover the beautiful scarf that feels divine good at the same time as its recipient. I already know that this gift will make a happy one. This first order will certainly not be the last because I finally, after many research on the internet, found the safe bet. My satisfaction is complete and I can only recommend Princesse Moghole who is the prime example of the search for quality and customer satisfaction. As far as I'm concerned, it's a faultless !!! In addition, the site is very well done and pleasant to consult. That happiness ... Many thanks to Claire"
Jocelyne S.
"Hello, I received the package, and the stole is a marvel, with exactly the same color as my dress. I am delighted, and thank you for your excellent service. I will recommend you, be in some. Looking forward to offering you more of your wonders. Best messages." 
Nicole de M., Switzerland.
"Good evening, I have received my order, a men's scarf of brick color.It is simply beautiful simplicity and elegance.I am delighted especially that it is my Valentine's Day gift. Thank you very much for your seriousness and speed."
Catherine G
"First of all, I would like to tell you I was so excited when I found your website. I have been obsessed with hand embroidered pashmina for 20years. My first one was bought in Mumbai and I have been always keeping my eye out for more and looking for someone like you that support the small family businesses that does this craft.  I feel that a lot of them have been exploited. I place an order last year on one of your scarf and was a bit worried about what I would received but when the scarf arrived, I was blown away. The embroidery was so fine on the very well diamond weave pashmina.  So, now I have decided to get a bigger piece to add in my collection. You now have me as your loyal customer."
Mei, Singapore
"The pashmina has arrived in Texas! It is beautiful and incredibly sweet! I am delighted with my purchase! And what about the pretty pouch perfume !!! Thank you very much for selling such pretty things"
Isabelle B, USA
"Fascinated by the collection of pashminas of a colleague of mine, captivated by the story she told me, I had to issue, one day, without realizing it, the wish to own one. That's done thanks to her. I do not know who to thank: she for making me discover this marvelous matter, or you to put at our disposal these distant fabrics so warm and so soft. It is fabulous. You conquered me."
"Hello, This is my second order and I want to show my total satisfaction.
Besides the quality item, the packaging is neat and the delivery is fast. Order of November 1st delivered the 3rd ... Really such a professionalism gives pleasure and is reassuring; there are still people who can be trusted. A big thank you and the next order (if I listened I would buy everything .....). So in the meantime, I feed my dreams ...."
Patricia, une cliente comblée
"Since deliciously I palpated your stoles I dream of wrapping these authentic duvets all my daughters, my moms, my friends. The silk paper wrapping, provides a delight. The neat folding, the soft words on golden map, the arabesque envelope, these fine intentions fly to the lands of the Mughal princesses like no other. I will go back to Paris in October to better approach your treasures"
Bénédicte V
"New and warm thanks for your gift and details on its manufacture. The color I like so unnecessary to exchange. I will ask you to convey to "Princess Moghole" my congratulations on the quality of the products it markets and its art of making beautiful and fragrant present! " 
Rose-Aimée J 
"I received for my birthday a precious jewel. As it was wrapped in a soft pink silk paper, I carefully opened the package. Immediately, a delicately scented smell escaped from the casket. And I discovered it. Nicely folded. Accompanied by the certificate of authenticity and the name of the craftsman who made it. Blue. Diamond effect. A pashmina. A precious jewel." 
"Many thanks for your professionalism and the quality of your fabrics, I just received my order and I am beautifully delighted, very beautiful quality. Thanks again."
Daniel P, Belgique
"Hi Princess ! 
I received my order today. 
It does not correspond at all to the article I wanted to buy on your site! 
Why is this scarf so hot and at the same time so light? it's disturbing ... 
Why does this scarf give off such energy? it's disturbing ... 
Why do you have so much love to wrap it up? it is destabilizing ... 
I will not make a complaint this time but take again! 
Do not jostle people's emotions too much, it's not very conventional ... 
Thank you"
Florent M,
"Hello, My darling has just offered me a cashmere scarf (I showed him the site) and I am delighted. She is beautiful with incredible sweetness. As for the packaging and the scent that emerges from it, it's a real pleasure. Thank you !!"
Sylvie O,
"Hello madam, I just received my scarf what sweetness ... and especially this delicate fragrance that emerges at the opening of the package I am delighted, I already knew the pashmina I have an embroidered stole, I want to thank you for the cover that accompanied it she will keep her perfume longer. Cordially." 
Chantal R, 
"I just received my pashmina .. What to say? ... a marvel of softness, art and luxury combined. The packaging was particularly neat and, opening the envelope, a subtle and delicious scent was released. Indeed we must become dependent because just received, I already eyeing another color and another size. I will still wait for the holidays to be spent to make me a present .. but, that's for sure, I'll come back ... Thank you very much »
"I thank you for the speed of your sending. I am delighted with my purchase and this smell ... so nice at the opening of the package ... I love ... »
Elisabeth M, 
"Order well received. We are very satisfied. Will surely be back for other purchases. Thank you very much."
Serge D, Canada
Hello madam
I just got my shawl
It's the first time I've touched such a soft and warm stuff
I hope to use it a long time!
Lola D
Hello Madam, the pashmina has been offered today and the person is indeed pleased. Thank you. cordially"
Sylvie R 
"Good evening, I am really pleased with my new pashmina, which combines beauty and warmth. 
In addition the package is as beautiful as the content! Yours truly."
Agathe B
"I am now the proud owner of the Toosh Pashmina. It's a marvel! It encourages the pleasure of the senses: an exceptionally soft touch, a discreet perfume, a reassuring warmth. The eyes are also filled: the nature of cashmere rivals the beauty of green, my favorite color. As for your service, it is still impeccable. And, last but not least, it's a respectful work of craftsmen (artists, I should say rather) Indian and nature. Many thanks !"
Jacqueline C 

In the meantime I wanted to tell you that the pashmina embroidered I recently bought you is my happiness. It is, I do not need to convince you, a marvel, the most beautiful piece of my collection. I am fascinated by the richness of its embroidery and the work that it represents; besides that it is really very hot! Agathe B



I did not resist... In love with my genuine Pashmina and with my 100% cashmere XXL scarf 2 ply, which I wear today! I live in very south Brazil and today it was 6°C. A perfect day to my "debut". Thank you so much for all the attention !
Fabrizia R
"Congratulations for the very fast shipping of orders. Absolutely delighted with my order. I loved the delicious scent that came out of the box when I opened it. I will order other pashminas, that's for sure. Thank you"
Liliane DM
"Thank you very much for my navy pashmina received on Monday. It does not leave me anymore ... The packaging was beautiful and it is indeed a very addictive product! See you soon then"
Carole M
"My sister received your parcel, she sent us a picture of her draped in her Pashmina by her pool, she had not left the morning! As for mine, I am delighted: softness, warmth and delicacy of colors ... Good to you "
Véronique F
"I can not find the words to express my deep joy in discovering my beautiful pashmina. It is simply splendid! The gift package and wallet are beautiful too and of a rare elegance. Thanking you wholeheartedly "
"I just received a stole that I ordered for Christmas. She is superb ! Fast service. I am glad. Thank you "
Anne-Marie M,
"1000 thanks. The pashmina is beautiful.
To be honest, I was a little worried about quality. And I'm not disappointed.
I bought a natural pashmina in India in September after a long search. I adored him and wore him almost every day. And a few weeks ago I lost it. I was really sad and it seemed impossible to find one of such quality at an affordable price. I searched a lot on the internet before coming across your site which immediately inspired me confidence. (Including the possibility of return if it did not meet my expectations). So thank you again and I will not fail to send your address to my friends."
Marie J,
"I just took the time to discover the pashminas: they are wonderful! You are the only person I know who offers such quality, authenticity and beauty in products, especially embroidered pieces, especially if you do not live in Paris.And their characteristic smell! I just love it. Thank you also for the quality of the packaging. I already know that I will make happy on Christmas! I can not wait for you to return to Nepal to see your new plays. You have in me a loyal customer-collector."
Jacqueline C, 
we have received our two pashminas, they are superb. Thank you and see you soon!"
Astrid J, 
"Hello, I just received my pashmina and I have one thing to say to you, I am very satisfied with my purchase, I will recommend to many people, I wanted to let you know. "
Pierre T, 
"One word to describe this pashmina: splendid! Sweet, hot. High quality "
Jacqueline C,
"I just received the scarf: what a beautiful packaging. Scented ... A lot of care around this delivery, at the height of the quality of the scarf. Bravo!
Monique B
I just received pashmina and could not help but open it to see it: it is indeed superb and of remarkable quality! It will be offered tonight and I am already certain to make a happy. Thank you also for the quality of the packaging. I preciously keep the address of your site for future gifts. Happy New Year 2015!
Jacqueline C
"My stole arrived today. She is beautiful and of incomparable sweetness. I will give him a bath this weekend to remove the excess duvet. Thank you for all."
Nadia D, 
"Just to inform you that your pashminas are beautiful and want to thank you for the speed of sending! "
Frédérique de G,
"I accuse good reception of this extraordinary piece which will be my wedding dress. "
Marion F,
"Ordered Friday noon, received Saturday noon. High quality product, efficient team. I recommend Thank you"
Benjamin P, 
"Pashmina arrived at the end of the morning, a marvel of softness, finesse and lightness, it is splendid, its colors (shades?) Are indeed those of which dreamed my wife, which is enchanted and delighted. The shipping envelope does not look like much, but once opened it is a delight and we were very touched by your accompanying card. Once again thank you for everything and congratulations, your site, your activity is a success and you manage them to perfection. On the occasion also congratulate your Indian weavers, their work is remarkable, you have chosen them well."
Jean-Claude C, 
"I received the stole, and thank you. She is superb !"
Jenny B,

 "I just received this shawl, (three days after having ordered it, how quickly!) And I am amazed! I did not know why we were talking so much about true pashmina, now I understand! I ordered because the site inspires me confidence but while being afraid of being disappointed, even worse ... That is why I leave a comment, for those who would hesitate: the quality of this shawl in pashmina is really exceptional, it is perfectly in line with the description and I am delighted to have had a good intuition. I found a real wonder and I will take great care of it. "

Clémence B,