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To be embroidered, the pashmina fabric must have a sufficiently tight weave and is therefore selected accordingly.


the wooden block print will print the pattern on the pashminathe block printed pattern will serve as a guide for the embroidery



Block-printing the pattern

To be embroidered, the pattern must first be printed on the pashmina. Like all others this step is carried out by hand. The artisan will use the block-print technique: the pattern is carved in a wooden pad, which, coated with paint (a powder mixed with water) is affixed by hand with a very safe gesture Of pashmina until it is completely covered. Once the embroidered pattern the shawl will be washed, removing any trace of the pre-printed pattern.



the designer start the embroidery to choose the colors




Choosing the colors

Each model is unique. The designer chooses the colors of embroidery yarn in cotton, or silk for the most luxurious pieces, then entrusts the pashmina to the embroiderer. He will carry out the embroidery at home, working several hours per day. 
the embroidered cashmere pashmina is made by hand in house by master embroiderer







 The embroidery

It is a man's work, traditionally carried out in the winter when the fields are at rest. Depending on the embroidery surface and the complexity of the pattern, the embroidery of a pashmina can take from 2 weeks to several months of work. Some embroideries are totally reversible, to the point that the place and the backwards become almost indistinguishable. The final value of embroidered pashmina depends on the experience and level of dexterity of the embroiderer. The most intricate embroideries can take years of work, these exceptional pieces display a value in relation to the work provided and generally join the wedding trousseau of the fortunate heirs of India and the countries of the Gulf ...

Here are some examples of embroidered pashminas completely reversible. Do you recognize the wrong side? For centuries, the Kashmir region has been the only place in the world to master such a level of excellence: inherited from the Mughal culture, more than a craft is a true Art! Entirely handmade, each pashmina embroidered is totally unique and restores its nobility to the notion of Luxury ...


genuine handwoven cashmere pashmina with reversible handmade embroideryoriginal black handwoven cashmere pashmina with perfectly reversible handmade embroideryoriginal toosh cashmere pashmina with handmade reversible embroidery

Be ready to travel : in this video Princesse Moghole is proud to present the work of her artisans ♡