TOOSH PASHMINA Natural light beige Deluxe handwoven cashmere pashmina

Exceptional quality! The finest and longest pashmina fibers are selected, spun and woven by hand for a creation of rare luxury, the feel of which comes close to that of the mythical shahtoosh!

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♛ TOOSH Pashmina is exclusive to Princesse Moghole, Beware of imitations!

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  • Ivory Fringes
  • Beige Fringes

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The cashmere used in this piece was hand-spun in Srinagar. Traditionally carried out by women, pashmina is spun by hand on a wooden spinning wheel known as a charkha or yander, which is unfortunately disappearing in order to reduce production costs. By choosing this piece, you are helping to preserve traditional skills and support artisan communities.


TOOSH PASHMINA, an exceptional shawl!
Genuine Toosh Pashmina 100% ultra-fine cashmere shawl, entirely hand-spun and hand-woven.
Toosh Pashmina is the finest variety of pashmina, the closest in quality to the mythical shahtoosh. The finest laboratory-tested down is carefully hand-spun according to ancestral tradition by the most gifted craftswomen, whose exceptional dexterity gives life to a yarn of unprecedented finesse. It is then patiently hand-woven with care and delicacy by the finest master weavers specializing in shahtoosh weaving.
Even finer, even softer, even lighter, even warmer, Toosh Pashmina approaches the quality of the mythical Shahtoosh while respecting animal life. Beware: this exceptional item may be addictive!

Color: natural light beige, natural beige warp and ecru weft
Weave: twill edged with hand-combed bangs.
Dimensions: 1m x 2m
Weight: 160 g
Composition: 100% pure cashmere pashmina harvested in Ladakh (India) and hand-spun in Srinagar (India) laboratory-tested to 10.63 microns for the ecru and 12.77 microns for the beige
Yarn count: 160/2 nm.
Manufacturing: hand-spun and hand-woven in Srinagar, Kashmir (India)
Care: Dry clean
Presented in: a gift box, with a protective cotton pouch and a sachet scented with cedar wood shavings
Delivery: free

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